by the Woods 030


2 comments on “by the Woods 030”

  1. I love the belly and I love the flower the little guy is in, a johnny-jump-up or some such. I’m totally lost, though, in the narrative. Can you give a synopsis?

  2. Well, those two fellas have spent quite a long time chasing an alien who briefly abducted Sherman, the one with the belly. They did eventually catch him, tie him to a stick, and started carrying him home. A devoutly Catholic groundhog named Wilma Whistlepig overheard the tall guy, Euguene, describing the alien as a messenger from the heavans, and figured that meant the alien was actually an angel. So! She called up all her groundhog friends and relatives to rescue him, and then ran off with him into the cornfield.

    The flower’s a jack-in-the-pulpit.

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